Technical Solution Design

Technical solution design is based on a thorough understanding of the realities and the upcoming changes in the country. It is beyond just launching an app.

The foundation principles and design from an (eco) architectural perspective are taking into account the whole application landscape and the multiple functional requirements of all stakeholders in the health sector. For AeHS Open Data standards and integration of different IT solutions is a must. AeHS works towards connected care as far as internet connectivity allows.

AeHS International provides a range of consultancy services:

  • Feasibility studies
    • Thorough in-country analysis of the feasibility and usefulness of introducing IT prior to project formulation, including technical assessment of the existing IT infrastructure, connectivity, presence of technical service providers, and availability and costs of hardware, stakeholder analysis, analysis of existing regulations and policies and workflow analysis.
  • Technical scan
    • An analysis of the existing IT-infrastructure, connectivity, presence of technical service providers, and availability and costs of hardware.
  • Solution design
    • Multi-stakeholder process facilitation to support creative thinking and decision-making regarding the design of the desired solution.
  • Evaluation
    • Evaluation of the (cost)-effectiveness, quality and organizational impact of an IT-based solution.
  • Project management
    • Management of complete IT implementation process from needs-analysis to solution design and effects study through action-research.

AeHS offers 24/7 technical support, both on-site and remote through our local partner. We provide assistance related to our own products and solutions and to already implemented systems.