Transformative Services

IT is just a mean to an end: better and more affordable health care is the desired outcome. Transformative services is about linking smart IT solutions to smart working and organizing. This results in better patient outcomes, more satisfaction for the health professionals and better financial outcomes.

AeHS has built a successful and solid track record with transformative services. The secret is the ability to mould the methodology used to the context and your real needs. The starting point is your demand and the scope you have set. By working closely together with your staff a robust and future proof solution is developed. The knowledge of ‘how things go around here’ is fully used. In fact, the change is fully owned by your organisation. The result is innovation, commitment, a drive to accomplish and high-performance.

Transformative services can be tailored to fit your needs. It ranges from developing an eStrategy, the design of a digital transformation program to troubleshooting and evaluation.