AfyaPro 2.0 Connected Care

Health care facilities are players in a complex environment. Your first priority is to deliver the best care to your clients or patients. In the meantime you deal with challenges in the field of patient waiting time, secure and private patient data collection, revenue collection and to manage the medical supplies. . AfyaPro facilitates health care providers to provide the most effective care by addressing these issues through athe next generation software that integrates a powerful electronic medical; record (EMR) with a secure electronic Health Management Information System (eHMIS). It is called AfyaPro 2.0 Connected Care.

AfyaPro enables health facilities and clinics to take full control of their administration to enhance performance and increase revenue. AfyaPro provides easy access to and tracking of patient information, supports billing and accounting and helps to manage HR, assets, and stock (pharmacy). By keeping track of this information, health facilities and clinics save money, improve data quality and accuracy, resulting in more effective and efficient health care delivery.

Benefits AfyaPro

  • Interoperability with other systems;
  • Quicker customized reporting to external stakeholders by automatically aggregating individual records into one report;
  • Better logistics and drug management resulting in less waste;
  • Modularity: build an environment that suits your needs;
  • Possibility to use electronic medical record in a simple or more advanced manner. Use of care paths, decision support and additional knowledge resources is possible;
  • AfyaPro is a modular system that can easily be adapted to the setting of a specific hospital or clinic. New modules can be included over time, allowing a smooth integration of IT into the daily work of a hospital or clinic.

AfyaPro connects to DHIS2 enabling direct digital reporting to the district. With just a few clicks reports can be compiled thus saving days of manual data collection. AfyaPro can connect to a variety of other systems like local voucher initiatives, Result Based Financing systems, and mobile data collection tools. AfyaPro also has various interfaces for Finance & Logistics, HRM, Telemedicine, and others based on an open programming interface (API). For interoperability on an operational level, standards like Mtuha and ICD9/10 are supported.

Values AfyaPro

  • Reduce patient waiting time by retrieving files and data faster;
  • Reduce the loss of patient files and maximize the precision of records;
  • Enhance patient data security and privacy;
  • Increase the effectiveness of follow up;
  • Save time and money;
  • Quicker registration of patients;
  • Quicker data collection;
  • Easy and accurate reporting;
  • Better control of money flows;
  • Better reporting for health insurance.

The key feature of AfyaPro 2.0 Connected Care is the powerful EMR. This operates in a very intuitive manner for the user.  Upon intake or follow-up all the patient information can be easily introduced. Typing is minimized. The doctor can open different  views on the patient like history, vital signs, diagnosis. The doctor can easily compose his own dashboard.

More advanced use is the use of a care path. For example the diagnosis Malaria, TB or diabetes triggers automatically a workflow. This simplifies the work of the doctor and allows to pay more attention to the patient. AfyaPro can also provide decision support and background knowledge. The doctor might conclude the consult by  sending some information to patient,  give some tasks  and set a new appoint.  All data are generated automatically and sent to the patient.

AfyaPro 2.0 Connected Care is available as of June 2017. The current version of AfyaPro 1.0 is a comprehensive eHMIS application that was developed in East Africa and operates stand alone. It is integrated with DHIS2. This solution is already functioning for over 8 years. It is a good and robust solution if no advanced EMR is required or integration with other solutions.