Call Centre Technology

Call Centre technology is an example of a smart technology that is very useful in the African context. It avoids unnecessary travelling and waiting time. Patient monitoring and coaching can be continuous. The time of the doctor is used in the best way. A network of specialists can be mobilised immediately if needed.

A demonstration project has started in Ghana with Nyaho Medical Centre. Diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are the main care paths considered at this stage.

The solution contains the following elements:



Following patients becomes easy. A problem is that patients and family members are lacking awareness, knowledge and motivation about what to do. What is important and why? In many situations when patients are aware, they lack the ability to change their lifestyle at their own force. Some assistance is needed to get adherence to the diabetes care programme. Traditionally a patient goes to a health facility to pose a question, to be monitored, to be diagnosed or for an emergency.  After that the patient will be on his own and not visible anymore on the hospital service radar. Smart Care through a call centre will change this!


The call centre solution allows to organise campaigns. This means that specific target groups and staff of companies can be invited to the health facility and screened. This  process is made very effective by automatically generated and analysed  questionnaires. The doctor can give all attention to the client as the set of questions in the work flow of the care path are well prepared and easily filled in. Based on the findings, the doctor can give tasks and additional information to the client. This is all generated automatically.

Campaigns is a tool for early detection and prevention of diseases.  It is also a strong tool to follow-up patients and to avoid the escalation of chronic diseases.