eVoucher and DHIS2 Solutions

As a health care facility you want to deliver the best outcomes to your client or patient. Depending on the context, sometimes the best outcomes are achieved by directly incentivizing the client or patient. A voucher verification system allows specific groups such as pregnant women and children to have easy access to health care services. To make health care more easily accessible for targeted groups such as pregnant women and children AeHS developed an electronic Beneficiary Voucher Repository system (BVR), also known as the eVoucher based on AfyaPro 1.0.

evoucherBenefits of eVoucher Systems

  • Interoperability with DHIS2;
  • Double bookkeeping for fraud prevention;
  • Fall-back validation through SMS;
  • Scalability to various treatments.

Values eVoucher Systems

  • Accessible health care for targeted groups;
  • Quick assessment of holder’s entitlement for health care;
  • Access to health care for patients regardless of time and place;
  • Accelerated and optimized care processes due to digitalized information.

The system allows for health care facilities to quickly process an electronic voucher, enabling them to verify whether the holder is indeed entitled to health care. The BVR avoids slow paper-based processes and challenges like fraud, insecurity of data, and the time it takes to process paper-based information. It also allows patients to access health care when and where they need it regardless of where they live. What is unique about the solution is that it allows for double bookkeeping since both BVR and eHMIS supply data with DHIS2 differences that can then be balanced between actual demand and the service that is being provided, making fraud virtually impossible.


170308DHISDHIS2 is a leading open-source data warehouse solution. It is developed by an open source community guided and supported by the  the University of Oslo, Norway. The solid architecture of this cloud-based platform provides decentralized data input and a real-time web information system with graphs, tables and maps displaying health data at regional, national or sub-national levels. It is used in over 30 countries to support different health system contexts, serving primarily as national reference HIS and data repository.

It is a good tool for data collection and anonymized patient data. AfyaPro and other AeHS Result or Performance Based Finance solutions integrate with DHIS providing secure health data for the intended purposes.